(Sales information)「TENJIN141雑貨屋さん」に出展いたします。 | ALL MY LOVING ~DENIM COUTURE~

2019/06/09 11:58

今週末より開催される「大丸 福岡天神店 1階」にて開催される

「TENJIN141雑貨屋さん」にALL MY LOVINGも出展いたします。





場所:博多大丸 1階 「アンテナプラス」


 ALL MY LOVING will exhibit at TENJIN 141 Gallery.
This event will be held this weekend at "Damaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store Antenna Plus".

In this event we will only sell bags and accessories.
(We do not sell clothes)

A new line of tote bags made with Kimono Textile'Hakata-Ori′  and Japanese denim,
accessories made with Kimono Textile'Hakata-Ori′ and indigo dyed denim will also appear.

Please come by all means when you visit Fukuoka.

Place: Hakata Daimaru Antenna Plus
Date: June 15 (Sat) to 18 (Tue), 2019
    10:00 to 20:00