その博多織に惚れ込んで、福岡のデザイナー天本誠司のオートクチュールデニムブランド「ALL MY LOVING」がデニムと博多織を駆使したファッションをご提案いたします。



シンプルで洗練された日本の伝統を「New Japanese Classicism」として特別なシーンに、そして日常に提案するために日々創作活動を行っております。


ALL MY LOVINGの商品はほとんどが一点モノです。

HP: http://all-my-loving.net/
Blog: https://ameblo.jp/allmyloving-fukuoka/

Fukuoka's traditional textile "Hakatai"

Hakata is a silk fabric used as a kimono belt.

Famous for that Hakatai and we propose fashion that Fukuoka's designer Seiji Amamoto, Haute Couture Denim brand "ALL MY LOVING" designer made use of Denim and Hakatai.

We are also developing miscellaneous goods lines such as bags and accessories.

Domestic fabrics, denim used, domestic production of Hakata and of course domestically, 100% silk! It is a tough and beautiful finish.

We are doing creative activities on a daily basis to propose a simple and sophisticated Japanese tradition to a special scene as "New Japanese Classicism", and everyday.

It is also popular as a gift!

*please note*
Products of ALL MY LOVING are mostly one point mono.
Since we sell this product at stores other than this site, it may be sold out due to misplacement.
Therefore, please understand beforehand that your order will be canceled when sold out.